Musto Carmelitano has been a family-run farm for more than three generations of winemakers. In 2005, it passed under management to Elisabetta and her brother Luigi, who inherited the passion for the land and wine from own parents and grandparents. In 2006, with the construction of the new cellar, the purchase of equipment and the collaboration of the expert winemaker Sebastiano Fortunato, it was possible to obtain exceptional wines, combining tradition with technology. The company consists of thirteen hectares , nine of which are dedicated to arable land and four to vineyards. The Aglianico del Vulture grapes, coming from the company's vineyards, are scrupulously selected and harvested by hand, cultivated following the organic method. Furthermore, it takes care in transforming the grapes into wine with the goal of preserving all its precious organoleptic properties. In order for this to happen, we avoid using selected yeasts, clarifications and any intervention of st abilizzazione. Fermentations start spontaneously, without sulfur dioxide and with only indigenous yeasts. Musto Carmelitano wines are produced in an artisanal way, respecting the environment and protecting the consumer