The Protagonists

Elisabetta Musto Carmelitano

Born in the United Kingdom in 1981, and returned to Italy after a few years with her parents and siblings, at the age of eight she went to live with her uncles, Giuseppe and Elisabetta, who had them transmitted the passion for the land. After the pedagogical license he decided to stop in Maschito and not to emigrate like most of his peers, starting to work with his father Francesco in the countryside. Since 2006, he has been carrying out administrative, commercial and cellar duties as well as the owner of the company itself.

Luigi Carmelitano

Born in Italy in 1985, after obtaining an accounting diploma and having had some work experience in the factory, he decided to work alongside his sister and his father Francesco in the project to expand the farm, becoming owner together to Elisabetta. As in any family-run business, Luigi also carries out the various administrative, commercial, cellar and assistant duties in the vineyards.

Francesco Carmelitano

Born in Maschito in 1951, father of four children, Luisa, Tony, Elisabetta and Luigi, he decided in 1977 to emigrate to England to get closer to his family. After eight years, he returned to Italy taking managing the lands of his father Vito Antonio Carmelitano, his relative Giuseppe Musto and buying others. Owner until 2006, he left space for his two sons Elisabetta and Luigi who wanted to follow in his footsteps. His collaboration continues also in the cellar when necessary, but he is the full-time winemaker of the company, offering a perpetual and important wealth of experience, skill and stable presence.